Dubai’s New Era: Women Taking the Lead in Innovation and Progress

Women Taking the Lead in Innovation and Progress

Dubai, known for its cosmopolitan flair, is leading the charge in empowering women to reach greater heights, both professionally and personally. This vibrant city is actively dismantling barriers and shifting perceptions about women’s roles in society. Here’s a closer look at Dubai’s new era and how it champions its women:

Education: Building a Strong Foundation

Dubai’s significant investment in female education, spanning from primary schools to universities, is a testament to its commitment. The city motivates girls to chase their aspirations and realize their utmost potential.

Amplifying Women in the Workplace

With the ambitious goal of achieving 50% female representation in government and semi-government roles by 2023, Dubai is paving the way. Private enterprises, too, are joining this initiative, aiming to boost their female workforce.

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Support extends beyond traditional employment. Dubai champions female entrepreneurs by offering them essential resources, including funding and mentorship. Additionally, dedicated incubators and accelerators in the city aid women in launching and expanding their ventures.

Spotlight on Women’s Achievements

Throughout the year, Dubai hosts a plethora of events saluting women’s contributions to various fields. These celebrations serve as powerful reminders of women’s indispensable role in shaping society.

Women Leading Change: Dubai’s New Era

  • Nasser bin Sulaiman Al Ghurair, CEO of Al Ghurair Investment: Recognized as a dominant force in Middle Eastern business, she has masterminded Al Ghurair Investment’s expansion into a multi-sector global powerhouse.
  • Dr. Ayesha Al Mehairi, Director General of Dubai Health Authority: A trailblazer in healthcare, Dr. Ayesha has been instrumental in sculpting Dubai’s healthcare framework. Her efforts extend beyond professional duties, advocating passionately for women’s health.
  • Maha Al Bastaki, CEO of Dubai Museum: An ambassador of Emirati culture, Maha is both a cultural icon and an ardent supporter of women’s rights and opportunities.

Additional Measures Promoting Women’s Empowerment

  • Support Systems: By offering childcare, extended maternity leaves, and flexible job structures, Dubai assists women in harmonizing their professional and personal lives.
  • Promoting Gender Equality: Through educational campaigns and school curricula, Dubai is cultivating an environment where women are respected both in the workplace and the broader community.
  • Championing Diversity: Dubai’s melting pot of global cultures is evident in its diverse female population. The city takes pride in this multicultural tapestry, ensuring every woman, regardless of background, feels treasured.


Dubai stands as a beacon of opportunity. Women, with their myriad roles and contributions, are at the heart of the city’s evolution. Through its unwavering dedication to women’s empowerment, Dubai envisions a future of unparalleled inclusivity and equality.

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